Market characterization

Our team has performed numerous market characterization studies. We are masters at pulling together useful information from secondary sources to ensure that more expensive primary data collection is targeted appropriately. Our studies draw on market research and analysis of data to understand transactions up and down the supply chain. Our experience ranges from small-scale to large-scale efforts, including tracking a particular area over time, or looking at effects of an intervention on the market.

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Program improvements

Our team has assessed programs of all types and understands program processes and how to improve them. Grounded’s process evaluations uncover issues and provide useful feedback and avenues for program design or implementation improvement. In support of our process evaluation efforts, we have the ability to design and field all types of data collection efforts including quantitative surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups, and ethnographic research to explore decision making and all dimensions of how customers and trade allies understand and interact with energy.

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Strategic and regulatory consulting

Our team has a long history of supporting our clients in all of their research needs including: strategic investment choices, non-energy benefits, policy work and training. Our team has also helped program managers and evaluation staff determine appropriate metrics to measure progress of key program strategies.

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Carbon and energy impacts

Our team is expert at designing impact evaluations, sampling strategies, and any survey or on-site data collection required for an impact evaluation. We conduct our own analysis of any tracking databases, perform engineering reviews, collect customer survey data, and conduct billing analysis. We have performed large scale portfolio impact evaluation across multiple programs as well as single program demand impacts. In all cases, we ensure that the impact analysis meets the client’s level of rigor; presents verified, ex ante, and ex post impact results, as desired by the client; and also provides our clients with an understanding of where and how to make program improvements to increase realization rates.

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Data analytics+

Our team digs into impact and program data to provide clients with a better idea of what works and why. We are experts at big data and have conducted all types of studies including segmentation studies and forecasting efforts and will customize the data analytics work to your specific needs.

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