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Mary Sutter


Ms. Sutter has over 25 years of experience working in energy and research. Her research is supported by deep knowledge in the areas of policy, social sciences, and engineering. Through a truly eclectic approach, Ms. Sutter draws from all areas to derive meaningful answers to difficult questions.

Her experience covers policy and evaluation of utility demand side management efforts. She has evaluated traditional resource acquisitions programs and non-traditional program areas such as finance, workforce training, behavior, marketing and outreach, and emerging technologies. In her past role as a commissioner for a small electric utility, she set policy that sought to assure the longevity and fiscal soundness of the business while balancing the need to move the utility into the future and lessen the carbon footprint of all customers.

Mary holds a Masters in Higher and Adult Education / Occupational Therapy and a Masters in Engineering (Building Systems Energy). In 2008, she was among the first in the country to receive a certificate in Evaluation Practice and Quantitative Evaluation Methods from The Evaluators' Institute, housed out of Claremont Colleges