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Energy Efficiency Evaluator Certification

Grounded Research is working with the Department of Energy and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories to design and implement a certificate in impact evaluation of energy efficiency programs. 

Grounded Research facilitated a seven-member steering committee that built on the DOE Phase 1 Scoping Study. Staff developed the content to  move the steering committee from broad consideration of evaluator standards and competencies down to detailed learning outcomes specific to a training on the foundations of energy efficient program impact evaluation. Grounded Research ensured that the steering committee discussed and agreed to the content through several conference calls, updating information as needed based on the committee feedback. With the completion of the design (provided in the Phase 2 study), staff is continuing to work with the DOE through the implementation phase.

The Phase 1 Scoping Study can be found on the NEEP website or click on the icons.



Read the Phase 2 report by clicking on the icon.